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Stone Space Landscaping & Design

At Stone Space Landscaping & Design, we're not just passionate about creating beautiful outdoor spaces. We're committed to setting the industry standard for quality and innovation. By using industry leading engineering techniques we deliver landscapes to stand the test of time. We never stop perfecting our craft and pushing boundaries to deliver stunning, landscapes that leave a lasting impression.


Our Expertise 

There are three things that will cause your outdoor living space to fail. They are water, water, and water.

To combat this, we engineer and install our projects with a clear stone base and permeable jointing compound. Water will flow through the surface of the patio into the clear stone where it is dispersed away from your pavers and drained in to the soil below. This protects the soil from pooling and erosion. While simultaneously protecting your outdoor space from the effects of heaving or movement during freeze/thaw cycles.


Stone Space Landscaping is committed to permeable design.

No more weeds in your patio joints!

Our resin based jointing process does not store water and allow weeds to grow! Dirt and leaves blown on to your surface are easily washed away without blowing the jointing compound out of place.

Long lasting beauty!

The joints on our installations will not flake away and will never require re-installation. Our installed patio surfaces will even withstand pressure washing allowing you to always have your outdoor space looking it’s best.


We bring outdoor spaces to life by blending nature with human craftsmanship to create long lasting beauty. Our designs are created to maximize the functionality and beauty of your home. On our free consultation and throughout a digital design we will listen to all feedback to make sure that your outdoor living space is unique to your needs and style.

Expert installation

With a plethora of knowledge and experience creating outdoor living spaces, using cutting edge installation methods. You can be confident that the beauty of your project will last. We take great care in engineering spaces with top of the line products and a fully permeable construction. Ensuring longevity and functionality.

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Expertise that shows

At Stone Space Landscape & Design, we take pride in our dedication to innovation. Our commitment to permeability, durability, and aesthetic excellence sets us apart from contractors using out of date installation methods. When you choose us, you're choosing a contractor who is dedicated to creating landscape designs that are low maintenance with lasting beauty.

Visit our portfolio to see some of our work.

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